Sunday, July 3, 2011

When I get home...

There'll be one of these in a box.

But it'll actually fit me. Jus' sayin.


Jessica said...

So what bikes will you have/keep? Just salsa, lindsey's, schwinn? And a mtnbike? Oh wait you probs still have the cross bike yeah? Whadabout that blue and white (or something) one? The half/half paint job one. And the Klein? Is that the one you gave away at your party? Sooo many bikes. I want another bike :) you think I could win one at interbike? :)

Davey D said...

you're totally my hero for giving me an excuse to geek out. I think you could totes win a bike at interbike, whaddaya need? I think you

So lets see. Klein sold on ebay before I left for a silly large amount of money, blue one was taken as a prize by morgan. Cross bike sold to a kid in chicago. I still have a roadie like the schwinn which'll get sold when I get back with random parts I have. So I'll be cleared out and just like you say: Lindesy's, Cassaroll, and the Pink Schwinn. I'd like a MTB, of course, and a cross bike, of course, but I'll try racing singlespeed cross on the casseroll and it'll probably be great. I don't have a MTB unless I get to inherit back that one I gave you, does it have a life right now? But really I'm happy with 3 because when I move I'll probably just take 1 until I'm super settled.

Jessica said...

It'd be fun to make a map of all the bikes you've owned or sold or helped sell or buy. There are so many, allover the world. It'd be a cool interactive map that changes all the time and it'd have lots of cool lines and designs. Plus expandable bubbles that show your favorite details of the bike or a pic of the current owners, etc. You can take the mtb back if you want, but I'd love to take care of it 'til you're more settled. I wanna mountainbike more now that I'll be livin in slc and not in school. Yay yay yay! I wanna win a bike at interbike, a road ish bike or touring bike. I'd love a surly longhaul or somethin. But I'll take anything. Are you going?

Davey D said...

That'd be a cool map, but if you take into consideration collective bikes it'd be nuts. I think it'd be interesting to keep things consolidated by what I've owned and look at it in terms of capital, because I'm most capitalistic when it comes to bikes. It'd also look like a drug addiction. It'd be something like:
Bought Blue Peugeot $50
Bought Pink Schwinn SS $50
Dumpsterdove 5-10 bikes and gave them away.
Bought 5-10 bikes from craigslist for friends and sold them at the same price.
Sold Childhood MTB +$150
Bought Raleigh One Way $325
Bought Raleigh Rush Hour (from Chris) $350
Sold Blue Peugeot +$275
Sold Raleigh One Way to Matt A +$325
Dumpsterdove Cruiser/Polo Bike
Bought Salsa Cassaroll for too much money $700
Sold Pink Schwinn for +$375
Somewhere in here dumpsterdove parts for DD MTB and gave it to you after a while.
Lindsey's frame materials cost $500
Bought Philippe Cyclocross Bike $400
Traded Rush Hour (To Chris) in some convoluted way, sold resulting bike +$400
Somewhere in here bought and sold about 15 more random bikes for friends and acquaintances as good deals/helping people find their rides.
Bought Klein MTB $200
Bought mystery italian bike frame and wheels $140
Sold crusier to vinny +$100
Bought Specialized Sequoia $60
Sold Specialized Sequoia +$100
Gave away Mystery Italian bike (and wheels to David W)
Bought Fuji Pro Frame $40
Sold Klein on ebay for too much money +$550
Sold Philippe frame and fork +$180
Bought Trek for David (he didn't want it, it's mine now) $150
Bought new pink schwinn $250

Pending sale of one Trek (+$250) and one Fuji (+$300)

God knows what I'm forgetting.

Tally up expenses
Tally up profits

Total bike expenses since 2006:

For the countless tours, volunteering, community, fun, exercise, adventures,transportation, dumpster diving, racing, fascination, whatever, that doesn't sound bad at all! Not to mention making money off of riding bikes for 2 of those years. If I hadn't had lindsey build something expensive and if I hadn't been dumb and just bought any old 80's mtb as my tourer (or, ya know, an old tourer) I could be profiting off of my obsession/transportation!

The scary (unfactored) part are the parts, materials, gear, whatever that I haven't counted in, but which I bet I could simply by looking at my expense history at the salt lake bike collective. I bet it averages $1000 a year for the last 4 years. After I figure that out we'll have a real blog post!

For you, you're keeping the numbers IMPRESSIVELY down in comparison, because you won one of your frames and the other was $150. I need a spendy bike obsessed significant other to inherit parts from! I think you should get a LHT or something similar for touring that REALLY fits you and then either piimp the univega out as a fast city bike or sell it and get a fancy italian roadie from the 80's that fits you and ship it home from italy :).

Davey D said...

OH and I have an orphaned bike in Sydney, somewhere, a bike in France somewhere, and will have one here soon. :) They were altogether less than $200.

Davey D said...

I can't go on. I'll go on. The turning point for me in this whole mess was selling the first pink schwinn, where I realized I could get unprecedented profits out of bikes but realized also that that hurt my soul and I didn't like the concept. So since then I've tried to keep things more about who really wants the thing I'm selling and not so much about coming out with positive numbers.

Davey D said...

Problem: I'm still in palestine and of the 3 bikes that are still mine and nearby only 2 are in working condition and neither fits you. BUT you would do well to contact dear Alexander Johnstone an' his womanfriend Jenn, I fixed up a centurion Lemans for her that's your size and I think it could be made serviceable as a borrower (last we spoke she didn't use it, we fixed it up to sell) very easily, talk to them abaaaaaaut it.

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