Friday, September 26, 2008

The best event since the Vagina Monolouges!

We're looking forward to a splendiferous time next friday, come kick some ass at the first women's only Alleycat in SLC!

All levels of riders encouraged, it should be fun and fast and fearless.

Afterparty at The Dada Factory, then ride midnight mass!

I'll be distributing flyers at critical mass tomorrow, feel free to print them out as well.
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Party at the U's Fine Art Museum!

The Students' Museum Advisory Council is hosting a Monet to Picasso Student
Celebration for U of U students at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on Thursday,
September 11th from 5-8 pm. The event is free with your Ucard. The
celebration will feature food, prizes, films, an add-on pointillist artwork,
and admission to the blockbuster exhibition "Monet to Picasso from the
Cleveland Museum of Art" for the first 900 people.

The UMFA is located at 410 Campus Center Drive

This event is sponsored by Student Fine Arts Fees and the College of Fine
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