Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Heart of Darkness 2 Alleycat

In conjunction with the epic and climatic final scene of the Don Giovanni Film, it pleases me to present the Heart of Darkness 2. Basically you'll race in a real 20+mile alleycat and be caught on camera at the beginning and end, to be thrown straight into the fictional narritive! Should be fun! Have your friends come to the beginning and meet you at the end, even if they're not the racing types, and have them bring hot chocolate because it's gonna be cold! But amazing... I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Sunday, November 15th, the most epic day of Salt Lake bike-film history, and Salt Lake's Gruelingist Alleycat to date, with some fan-freakin'-tastic prizes. So far we're looking at stuff from Velo City Bags, Chrome Messenger Bags, FRESH Modern Apparel, and PAC Designs. Cane Creek just threw in some 110 Headsets, which I love. And we just got some stuff shipped out from MER Bags in Brooklyn. Don't sleep.

In other news, We're shooting a great scene this sunday on the bobsled MTB run. Great times, would love some help starting at about Noon-Thirty. Read More......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Transforming the Don

Chris Ginzton, as you may or may not know, is a fantastic biker. He is not, however, a hipster. So we brought in the professionals.

This good lookin' fella is Kaleb Andersen, he works his magic over at Lunatic Fringe. Though Chris got a dye and a cut, I somehow scored a scalp massage and a steaming towel treatment. Plush stuff!

Here's the man himself, playing Don Giovanni, before hipsterification:

And after:

Ta-Dah! We continued the magic over at FRESH with Ian Wade, which is easily one of the coolest clothing places in the city. We had to dash through this place in Greg's Alleycat last weekend and I got to know Ian better through the same event, he's definitely got style and some cool clothes at decent prices.

Notice the extreme skinniness factor occurring below the waistline. Golden!

Now that our main guy's on the way, it's time to partially unveil the other leading actor, who is so cool even my hyperbolic prose falls shoot of doing it justice. So I'll leave you with a teaser:

Yes. That is the hottest bike you've ever seen. And yes, there will be more to come. Read More......

Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Don Giovanni Party!

Our pre-production party for The Tale of Don Giovanni was wildly successful, due mostly I hope to my brilliant combination of Chocolate Chip Waffles and White Russians. It was great. We showed off Don Giovanni's bike, the second project frame built by Lindsey Howard, a local genius, and showed the first minute of footage from the film. If you didn't make it, you can check out the rough clip on vimeo! it has no music or post-production, but it's the only teaser clip we'll release before the trailer so enjoy!:

We also had a drunken script reading and general revelry.

The night was great, and the film's coming along great. Everything has been coming together marvelously, from the creation of Don Giovanni's bike (see upcoming post :)) to the tracking down of a hair stylist (Thanks to Kaleb Andersen of Lunatic Fringe) and an addition to the musical score team (Nate Asman for the win!).

We're next filming the mountain biking scene on the bobsled trail next Sunday at 2:00 PM, weather permitting. Come on by! The next real shoot is Friday, November 6th, where we'll be filming scenes 1-6, the entire hipster party. Bring your flashiest clothes!

These pictures and several others were shot by Greg with his remote flash setup, they turned out brilliant! Check out his flickr for the higher quality snaps.

Read More......

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Don Giovanni Shoot

Picture 1

Our first short shoot was a rip-roaring success. Only roughly edited the footage together but it looks good, catch a sneak-preview this friday, at the first Don Giovanni Party! 9:00 PM. The Dada Factory.



We also built Jessica's new bike, providing good contrast:
IMG_3793 Read More......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Speaking of Greg, here's too much footage of him in spandex ;).

Greg called me up one day and said "wanna film some biking?"
"No," I replied, as is customary.
Then I thought about it. "Why not?"
"I'll pick you up in 2 hours" He said.

There's the result. I love that song, and had forgotten this was how it was introduced to me.

Also! Al and I cut a new trailer for the 337 Movie: Afterimage. We've also recut the film, incidentally, it's 52 minutes long and hopefully being sold to Europeans as we speak. Check out the groovy split-screen:

Speaking of things I've forgotten, how could I ever forget to remind everyone that Bike Porn 3 is happening!??!:

Come see some racy filmz at 1401 S. Main at 9:00. That's on Oct 17.

Also, the same night as the first Don Giovanni Party you can pre-game as a Zombie during the Salty Zombie Weekend!

Out like a light. Read More......


Come one come all! Should be fun, it's organized by buddy Greg, whose photos you've seen on here before.

ALSO! The previous friday, the 23rd, is my first Don Giovanni Party! This one's camera free, just to get everyone interested together for a good time, but there'll be a photobooth, a reading from the script, and perhaps even a sneak preview of some footage! Down at the Dada Factory, 9:oo PM.

Werd. Read More......

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lui Bolin is blowing my mind right now, and he happens to provide a fitting image for my internet auspiciousness recently. But I've been good, if under-the-radar.

Shooting The Tale of Don Giovanni: That Indomitable Hipster soon, my first narrative. It's shaping up to be great. More news on that in a minute. Shooting a first scene earlier than scheduled, on the 18th of October at the SLC Bike Collective in the evening, starting at 6:00. Let me know if you want to help out.


Here's Dallin, in character (as always) as Leoprello, taking his first crack at the script.

Chris is playing the heartless lead, here he is being uncharacteristically nice :).

Went to Interbike in Vegas and learned about the World Bicycle Relief. They're a fantastic non-profit that I'd like to work for someday.

Been moving my Dad out of his place, and working on some stuff for the Leonardo. Biked to 33rd and 33rd on a cruiser last night. Fun, cold, introduced the seriousness with which winter's approaching.

Getting really good at delivering lots of food without a cart, which makes me faster. Read More......