Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Transforming the Don

Chris Ginzton, as you may or may not know, is a fantastic biker. He is not, however, a hipster. So we brought in the professionals.

This good lookin' fella is Kaleb Andersen, he works his magic over at Lunatic Fringe. Though Chris got a dye and a cut, I somehow scored a scalp massage and a steaming towel treatment. Plush stuff!

Here's the man himself, playing Don Giovanni, before hipsterification:

And after:

Ta-Dah! We continued the magic over at FRESH with Ian Wade, which is easily one of the coolest clothing places in the city. We had to dash through this place in Greg's Alleycat last weekend and I got to know Ian better through the same event, he's definitely got style and some cool clothes at decent prices.

Notice the extreme skinniness factor occurring below the waistline. Golden!

Now that our main guy's on the way, it's time to partially unveil the other leading actor, who is so cool even my hyperbolic prose falls shoot of doing it justice. So I'll leave you with a teaser:

Yes. That is the hottest bike you've ever seen. And yes, there will be more to come.


Esther said...

Chris looks suuuuuper sexy ;)

Elaine said...

eeeee i love the hipsterification!. this is all so exciting!