Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Speaking of Greg, here's too much footage of him in spandex ;).

Greg called me up one day and said "wanna film some biking?"
"No," I replied, as is customary.
Then I thought about it. "Why not?"
"I'll pick you up in 2 hours" He said.

There's the result. I love that song, and had forgotten this was how it was introduced to me.

Also! Al and I cut a new trailer for the 337 Movie: Afterimage. We've also recut the film, incidentally, it's 52 minutes long and hopefully being sold to Europeans as we speak. Check out the groovy split-screen:

Speaking of things I've forgotten, how could I ever forget to remind everyone that Bike Porn 3 is happening!??!:

Come see some racy filmz at 1401 S. Main at 9:00. That's on Oct 17.

Also, the same night as the first Don Giovanni Party you can pre-game as a Zombie during the Salty Zombie Weekend!

Out like a light.

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