Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lui Bolin is blowing my mind right now, and he happens to provide a fitting image for my internet auspiciousness recently. But I've been good, if under-the-radar.

Shooting The Tale of Don Giovanni: That Indomitable Hipster soon, my first narrative. It's shaping up to be great. More news on that in a minute. Shooting a first scene earlier than scheduled, on the 18th of October at the SLC Bike Collective in the evening, starting at 6:00. Let me know if you want to help out.


Here's Dallin, in character (as always) as Leoprello, taking his first crack at the script.

Chris is playing the heartless lead, here he is being uncharacteristically nice :).

Went to Interbike in Vegas and learned about the World Bicycle Relief. They're a fantastic non-profit that I'd like to work for someday.

Been moving my Dad out of his place, and working on some stuff for the Leonardo. Biked to 33rd and 33rd on a cruiser last night. Fun, cold, introduced the seriousness with which winter's approaching.

Getting really good at delivering lots of food without a cart, which makes me faster.

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Esther said...

Look at all you're accomplishing as a college graduate! This time next year, I'll be a bum. Can't wait for the Don Giovanni parties!