Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Don Giovanni Party!

Our pre-production party for The Tale of Don Giovanni was wildly successful, due mostly I hope to my brilliant combination of Chocolate Chip Waffles and White Russians. It was great. We showed off Don Giovanni's bike, the second project frame built by Lindsey Howard, a local genius, and showed the first minute of footage from the film. If you didn't make it, you can check out the rough clip on vimeo! it has no music or post-production, but it's the only teaser clip we'll release before the trailer so enjoy!:

We also had a drunken script reading and general revelry.

The night was great, and the film's coming along great. Everything has been coming together marvelously, from the creation of Don Giovanni's bike (see upcoming post :)) to the tracking down of a hair stylist (Thanks to Kaleb Andersen of Lunatic Fringe) and an addition to the musical score team (Nate Asman for the win!).

We're next filming the mountain biking scene on the bobsled trail next Sunday at 2:00 PM, weather permitting. Come on by! The next real shoot is Friday, November 6th, where we'll be filming scenes 1-6, the entire hipster party. Bring your flashiest clothes!

These pictures and several others were shot by Greg with his remote flash setup, they turned out brilliant! Check out his flickr for the higher quality snaps.

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Luke Williams said...

Hooray more musicians!! Is Nate the drummer James was telling me about?

Some thoughts:
I was watching the Woodstock documentary the other day and I rediscovered Richie Havens' amazing (and supposedly partially improvised) performance of this song, "Freedom":
(Talking for a while, music starts at 0:45)

Obviously, this isn't exactly what we're going for (it's probably too fast and it's not danceable in the right way), but in my mind it embodies a lot of the characteristics I've been trying to bring to the acoustic facet of the party song. It's got a really palpable drive and intensity, it's packed with a really amazingly raw energy, and the lyrics are simple, strange, repetitive, and mysteriously meditative.

Anyways, I think maybe somewhere in between this and that Massive Attack song you played us we'll find what we're looking for. Do you agree? Disagree? I know you want it to be our own thing, but I want to make sure we're really capturing what's in your head along with what's in ours.