Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heart of Darkness 4, and the good ol' Days...

Dima Decided his 3 manifest terror from last summer was to be bested, and that he'd do it all over again. Excited for this one, a week and change after I get home. Gonna get killed!

Click on to see where it all began in 2008!

I think HOD was the first Alleycat I threw. I wanted there to be more an' more an' more.
First there was this awesome poster by Zed!

Then I had Mike from the Collective do something really crazy for the event:

And here's what happened.


Davey D said...

Hah! remember how you DEStROYED it in the first one?

Davey D said...

there's a cat 2 roadie who used to be a bike messenger that I'm gunning for, he won the last one. How do we conspire to take him out!?!? :)

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