Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet Salah: The first foray into the people of Nablus

I met Salah early in my time here in Nablus, and he immediately struck me as not only photogenic but a generally gregarious and well-spoken fellow. I quickly got along well with him and started to learn some pretty interesting facets of his personality. He seemed an ideal first ambassador to Nablus. See what you think of him!:

-Salah is a volunteer translator at Project Hope, a computer science student, a Thai Boxing instructor, National Champion of K-1 Kickboxing, a good Muslim, and a Palestinian. He really loves Nablus, and wants you to, too!

Salah's profile is the first of many features to come about Nablus, if you're here and want to hear about someone in particular let us know, or if you're from abroad and want questions about Nablus or Palestine in general addressed in film form drop us a line! Who should we profile next?-

This was a fun project to do and I'm keen to continue it. The intention is to profile a different person or aspect of Nablus every two weeks or so, depending on my schedule. Right now I'm splitting my time between a steady course load of english classes, projects like this, and intensive video workshops. I'd really like to thank Asra for lending me her camera to film with, and Project Hope of course for making my time here possible and allowing me to spend my time on alternative projects.


Elaine said...

So excited! If you could just profile every single person you interact with that would be most excellent.

If that seems just a tad daunting, I'd love to see some perspectives from women.

But really... just excited to see little glimpses of folks you are interacting with and a diversity of perspectives.

illusions to memories said...

This is so cool Davey! I second Elaine's comment.
I start on Sunday,observing a class actually, I'm indescribably excited!