Friday, February 4, 2011

Calm before the storm? Art Therapy.

I haven't caught up yet, so this post is totally out of sequence and UTTERLY RUINS the rather nice cliffhanger I set you up with contrasting the rides in Israel and Palestine but, whatev. This post has cute kids in it. So all's forgiven, right? Teaching this class began with "hey Davey, you like spontaneity, don't you?" Like any full-blooded art hipster I was obliged to reply "Yes," to which the volunteer coordinator said "Oh good, you can teach this class in 15 minutes." Ah. Ok. This was shortly after I discovered that due to need I would be teaching a LOT of English classes and maybe 1 or 2 film classes. Argh. But I feel pretty good about it and my ability to sneak in my own designs, more on that soon. The result of that ad-hoc teaching position was this 27 second video:

Cute little buggers, ent they? These kids were extremely well mannered and met in a nicely stocked center while they were on winter break after exams (Children in Palestine seem to be perpetually studying for exams, taking exams, or having a break after exams, which usually excuses them from English class as well). Over the next couple days we did art with an English twist, including collages. Check them out below!


Joergen T. said...

Looking good Davey!

John Gilmore said...

Very cool. You look professorial.

illusions to memories said...

Unbelievably cool Davey! I can't wait to get over there and meet these kids. I'm totally loving reading your blog by the way, I pretty much read it religiously lol.

Davey D said...

You'll love it here! I'm excited for you to come. By the way, besides the things you're planning be prepared to teach English! They have you do lots of English classes besides your own projects.

illusions to memories said...

I can't wait! I'm leaving Monday! But I won't begin volunteering for another two weeks. I'm a little nervous about teaching English because the training course I've been taking is quite intimidating...explaining English grammar is so not my forte. lol

See you soon!