Thursday, February 12, 2009

SALT CITY SPRINTS Feb. 26th and 28th

Fan-freakin'-tastic event for your Thursday and Saturday night:

more info here

Amazing flier for an amazing time, come even if you don't ride a bike! I wanna know why Esther thinks she's cool enough to wear sunglasses indoors, that's just not kosher.

The Thursday show is only for us legal adults, Saturday will be all ages. Rock on.

Also, there's a new fixed gear bloog on the local scene, Salt Fixed City. Check it out for snippets of news on all yer favorite local riders, and other cool info's too.


Esther said...

I wear my sunglasses inside so I can watch you weave and breath your story lines, Davey. And keep track of the visions in my eyes. And really just look super hip. I'm also wearing gloves inside, but that's just because I have poor circulation and my hands get cold.

Tom said...

You beat me to the punch on that one. Damn.

Anonymous said...


scheduling conflict on this one. the second sprint races will be held at the same time as the tall bike jousting :(

which is why i am trying to encourage the saltcycle gathering so we can arrange schedules.. oh well. maybe they are two very different crowds?

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