Monday, February 23, 2009

Calling all Deli Devils!

You might know that I deliver sandwiches by bike for Jason's Deli, based out of the Gateway. I usually haul a big 'ol cart around and take $100-$300 orders all going to the same place. People are like 'oh cool, I'll order a sandwich from you!' But until now we have had delivery fees and minimum order amounts that made small orders pretty difficult.

But no more! Our owner, Brad Pusey, wants to expand the biking program to deliver individual sandwiches paperboy-style! So we're hiring more bikers! You'd ideally take out 3 or 4 in a run in your bag and deliver them all within 15-25 minutes. You'd make hourly+ tips, I get $8.00 an hour and average $40 a shift in tips.

Until the program takes off you'd function as a backup delivery biker and work at the Deli's To-go counter, but I think it'd soon be a really cool position. Brad's working on designing flashy jerseys for the real bikers to earn, the interview process will probably involve an alleycat-style race I'll organize for you! :)

I usually work 3 hours, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (sometimes until 2:30), and make between 4 and 11 large deliveries in that time.

If you're interested drop off a resume at the Deli office in Gateway.

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