Saturday, February 21, 2009

Point, counterpoint, counter-counterpoint: graffiti bureaucracy and graffiti.

Shepard Fairy
was arrested in Boston a week or so back during his largest show to date, which Wooster Collective provided a good account of. This is on top of the copyright kerfuffle his Obama poster has generated, which has provided food for thought.

This latest development is amazing to me. Faced with all the depressing, bureaucratic bullshit that our media/justice apparatus is composed of, what does Fairey do? Keeps right at it, right at the heart.

These billboards were installed around the Boston area. They are an exquisite reminder to me that all that matters is passion, and that you can refute politics with poetics. People will be listening.

This century, by no fault of its own, is gonna try and squash you down in the tension between the enormity of the world and the fragility of its human structures. Keep yo' head up.

via, via, via, photos by Hargo, who took this little jem as well:

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~kitticus~ said...

beautiful works, beautiful message.

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