Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cease and De-cyst!

Does everyone remember how Lindsey and I submitted a short comic velo-drama to the formidable Bikesnob NYC featuring my pink hipster bike? Well, self-same bike has finally been converted back to its original state, and damn does it ride great. You've come a long way, baby.




Back when it was still a bike for cool people:


In the last year It has served me thousands of miles (though I have a more fendered bike for the winter) and has gone through many changes, but it's still kicking ass. To date it has been to San Francisco and back (in a truck and on a train, but rode for miles and miles while I was there), won 3 'cats, been biked over emigration and the alpine loop in fixed-gear form, earned me my rent money for months, and survived Utah drivers. Hope ya'll have similar luck with your objects. It's my favorite material possession ever.


Anonymous said...

aww, it's adorable.

Esther said...

Love the new bar tape!

Davey D said...

hehe. yeah... rode it up to school today, It's crazy how you can go right up 8th south on a geared bike! I did pull the quick-release out of the rear dropout pedaling up though... forgot about those things... :).

psychenaut said...

Sweet! Love the honey Brooks bartape! Is this your only bike, or do you have another fixie stashed somewhere? Any particular plans or adventures in store for the gears?

Davey D said...

Thanks Ryan!
I have WAY too many bikes right now, like...6. It's ridiculous. I'm getting rid of 2 soon, this is the only one with gears, and currently 1 of only 2 with freewheels. I'm pathetic.

I'm hopefully going to go on some long rides with Lindsey soon, otherwise my only grand plans involve my Raleigh One Way, which I'm taking on a 2 month tour through Europe in the summer.

You've got the Rush Hour, a geared bike, and ?

~kitticus~ said...

Aw...Pinky looks great! Hopefully the rides will be worth it. Yay for bikes!!!

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