Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blown outta the water.

In summary, I went to New York, Got really amped and returned home to make a bike movie, got some positive response, screened it before Macaframa here in Salt Lake. The video got picked up by some large blogs, and I was feeling pretty good about it.

Then this video came along and knocked everything back in perspective. It's so... flawless. I consider it New York's response to my piddling efforts, and I stand humbled. It was made on the exact corners where I was inspired, in front of Affinity Cycles and elsewhere. Everything about it is more big-city than me, the quality of the video, the number of views it has received in one day, its immediate commercialization of the talent that made it. It's an apt e-portrait of hubris. I'm stunned, but I won't stop trying.


Alex H Johnstone said...

yeah, that film rocks the set. Keep in mind though they worked with a feature film DP and a $150,000 camera.

Lets see how close we can get with the scarlet eh?

Davey D said...

yeah, it does pay to keep it in perspective. how'd they get the dollying away shot between the busses that didn't look staged?

Esther said...

I don't really know what I'm talking about...but I think your video was way more rad than this one. Mostly because it featured a girl on a fixed gear not your stereotypical girl with cheesy red lipstick wearing heels, over-sized sunglasses, and riding a cruiser. Oh, and it had way more character, I mean, Prescott?!?! Plus it was filmed in snow and ice. Keep trying, keep reaching higher, but know that this viewer thinks your Bike Winter video was awesome and more entertaining to watch than this other one.

Tom said...

Dude, this wasn't New York's version of your film, it was a three minute commercial for Hutchinson tires. I think you're right in taking inspiration from it - I mean aside from the fact that it is really goddamn boring about 1/3 of the way through, a fair bit contrived, et cetera, it was pretty - but I don't think it really has as much relevance to your film as you think. It was "commissioned" and it isn't hard to tell. It's not really about anything, I'm not saying it has to be I'm just saying that copy about 'collective synchrony and unconscious consciousness' smacks me as the type of pretentious bullshit a lot of people are wary of in art and certainly no less contrived than the 80 shots of tires riding over broken glass and water and so on. And the # of views is artificial too, you think hutchinson would spend all the money to have the video made and not spend anything on promoting the web traffic? prolly not.

Davey D said...

Thanks for sticking up for me guys :). You're right though, that's one of the things I love about salt lake, we don't lose perspective and make things all commerical right away because we're so frickin' small. I'd like to learn to make really cool stuff without totally selling out, the technology's there.

Really, thanks guys, I hope to keep things legit, and of course let me know if I lose touch.

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