Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Arctic Cat!

Arctic cat freezing nuts
Come one come all to the Arctic Alley Cat!

Cold cold cold and fun fun fun!

We still need people to man the stops, but it'll be a circular style race so you won't need to be standing out in the cold for hours.

There'll be antifreeze (edible) for your sustenance at each stop, and an easyish course, not really any prizes to speak of, but you'll get to freeze your ass off!

Contact Stan if you're interested in helping out, or call him at 801-638-3120

Original photo from REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko (BELARUS)

Oh yeah, and I'll be racing on this bike.


~kitticus~ said...

hells ya! so freakin excited!!!

~kitticus~ said...

I still think it should have been the 'Arcticat', but I'm not planning the thing, so..... ;)

Esther said...

I hope I can go! I've gotta work Saturdays. An alley cat sounds like so much fun right now!

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