Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions & Midnight Mass!

My resolution is to do awesome stuff. And I use Kit's new 20" tallbike as a prime motivator.

When they told her she was too short to ride a tallbike, that she should stick to her 47cm roadbikes, did she listen? hell no! She went out there and built the littlest tallbike in SLC. And I'm going to ride it tonight at Midnight Mass.

Here's to adventures. Here's to making movies. Here's to staying up all night in the cold doing amazing things. Here's to biking in the silence and seeing your best friends through the fog of your breath. Here's to travellers and anarchists and warm beds and tired heads. Here's to Winter in Salt Lake City.


~kitticus~ said...

Ooooooohhhhh yeeeaaaaah!!!!! my bike looks even cooler on your blog! I love it! It's still actually reasonably tall, and could possibly use one more piece of reinforcement, but it's pretty kick ass already. shout out to Kemmer for doing the welding!
See you all at Midnight Mass!

Esther said...

Here here!

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