Friday, January 16, 2009

bike winter release

I've finished my little winter bike video I've been working on the last couple of weeks, I hope you like it!

bike winter from Dada Factory on Vimeo.

Ever since I saw The Restless Debt of Third World Beauty I wanted to practice doing a music-video style edit, and in my recent trip to New York I spent a great deal of time dreaming up shots and generally itching to make a movie.

I wanted to make a video that summed up the craziness/fun of biking in the winter, but most of the blizzard footage I got was pretty boring/unusable, and I didn't feel up to filming on the worst days. So this is the mixed result, it was good fun, and I wish I had time to make a similar one every week. It's a little shout out to the people I love in this city, the activity I love so much, and the thrill of riding up a steep hill in the sunset.

Keep in touch for The Tale of Don Giovanni, That Indomitable Hipster, hopefully being filmed this October.

Many thanks to:
Greg Hebard
Prescott Mccarthy
Esther MeroƱo
Alex Haworth
Kim Sieb
Chris Ginzton
Patrick Beecroft
Lindsey Howard
The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
Legal Messengers Inc. for introducing me to Will's Stroud's stuff
The Wooster Collective for introducing me to Rowan's stuff.

music: "Careful" by Hot Chip off of The Warning EP


~kitticus~ said...

thanx for lettin me be one of the first to view your masterpiece. good work my friend!

Anonymous said...

dope! especially love the time lapse footage. it need de-interlacing though, that'd get rid of the annoying horizontal lines.

Davey D said...

I totally agree Jake, do you know how to do that when exporting from final cut? It's not interlaced in the initial footage, only on the upload.... Glad you like it.

Esther said...

Sweeeeeeet!!!! You've made me a super star Davey! hahaha I'll try not to let it get to my head. Awesome job, thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome man! This video is a great job, and I can tell you're a great producer. Thanks for letting me see it.

Elaine said...

i love this! the time lapse shots are great. fun to see some of the people you ride with :)

Petely said...

i just hit up my buddy kyle and told him to toss this up on tracko.
should be there today.

Davey D said...

Thanks everyone!
I just saw it on tracko, as well. Thanks Peter.
Guess they're gonna play it as a short before Macaframa here too :P.

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