Monday, November 10, 2008

Yeah, but does your President have a blog?

"Oh hi there President Medvedev! That's a very nice arsenal of nuclear weapons you have there! Where can I check them out in action on youtube?"

"What's that? You don't know what youtube is? Oh, and you don't have a blog? Sorry, You're officially off my information radar."

Luckily, President Obama already has a blog, and it's very snazzy:

They've got a ton of different sections, it's more or less designed as a information distribution center for the whitehouse, Web 2.0 style, with the potential to expand into a forum for the American people.

In fact, you can send in comments, which I've already done. Here's a copy of what I wanted to say to Mr. B off the top of my head:

"President Obama,
I am so pleased to see up and running, and I eagerly await its implementation and expansion. I'm a 21 year old student, blogger, and videographer from SLC UT and an avid supporter of your campaign. I traveled to Grand Junction, CO to canvas for you and was happy to see the state swing in your direction.

I think forums like this that easily and clearly connect the American people with the goings-on inside the white house are a huge step forward and will be a crucial part of this administration. I'd like to see constant bulletins that update us on what you're working on. I think you should keep the Youtube channel up and running, and do releases occasionally to keep the youth informed.

The best thing that could happen, in my opinion, is that you link the topics on the blog or on the youtube channel with opportunities for active people to volunteer and get involved with specific aspects of specific issues. We're your ground troops still, and we're energized and motivated to enact change. A few days after the election I attended a rally protesting the involvement of the LDS church in the passing of Prop. 8 in California, it was amazing to see so many people activated and socially aware, ready to work to make the country better. For the first time in my life I feel patriotic and politically involved in a non-subversive way, I believe it is in your administrations best interest to capitalize on my generation's capable enthusiasm. We'll achieve great things.

Thank you so much for standing up in this crazy world and daring to become President,
Your constituent,
Davey Davis

p.s. and if you need me to drop everything and become a videographer for a specific project, let me know and I'm there! :)"

The coolest part is, they've already got a place where you can apply for jobs, how neat is that? So maybe my dream of being a cameraman for change can come true! check out the blog and make yerself an active member of the webtubes community!


Esther said...

I can't believe you wrote a letter to the president-elect. You're rad. I think I wrote one once, it read like this:
Deer Mr. Pressidint,
i like how you rool are cuntry. Pleez make a rool two help animals in pownds.

Anonymous said...

awesome letter! :D and Obama is just awesome, I'm excited to watch his youtube channel.

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