Friday, November 28, 2008

Well done America! Good Job, Really!

Black Friday Shoppers trampled a Wal-Mart employee to death this morning.

That one really deserves a golf clap. Really. Way to go shoppers, hope you landed that plasma screen TV for $499. that's only $10 an inch!

And I thought I was doing a good thing staying at home and doing homework. Guess we'll have to compensate by instituting Buy Nothing Year.

The American people got nominal bonus points by electing a good president, but their behavior in the face of economic crisis is akin to rats on a sinking ship. I hope they drown, with cheap toxic plastic in hand.

Give the people you love homemade art for christmas. Or secondhand books. Or hot chocolate. Or simply look them in the eye and let them know how much you love them, however you do that best.

I'll be hurtling along, looking for a place on high to sift through the ashes, and all the while craftily avoiding collisions with our doomed excesses. I hope I make it.

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Esther said...

It's so hard to look people in the face as they shop on Black Friday. Sale signs seem to devolve humanity. As unforgiving as this sounds, I hope that all the people who stepped over that man get what they deserve in the form of their precious plasma screens falling on their favorite child's head. Maybe then they'll realize what's important in life.

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