Sunday, November 30, 2008

the key is in laughter, bicycles and music.

A friend of mine has a crafty pseudo-anonymous blog that deals with one of the roots of internet culture: self-centeredness. is a beautifully de-personalized collection of thoughts, poems, and moments that are disconnected from their contributors in such a way that the creator's words blend seamlessly into the words of friends and contributors across the globe. here's a poem from which I nicked the title of this post:

the boy i once was
will disappear into the darkness, 
vanish into the night,
and with him will travel,
my blind and rash attitudes on life,
the key is in laughter,
bicycles and music. 

Delicious. So if you're feeling de-personal, or just ambigously poetic, head on over and submit something.


Anonymous said...

stop blooging and get back to your homework!!!

Davey D said...

proof of homework

Esther said...

I really like the idea of anonymous postings. It seems to be difficult for artists to detach themselves from their work. Thanks for directing me to that blog! Oh and good job on that paper, you're an amazing art analyst and writer ;)

Anonymous said...

ya'll should submit. seriously!

Anonymous said...

ya'll should submit. seriously!

Davey D said...

I will man! the problem is cross blogging. When I think of something clever, I put it here! The more diverse places I submit to, the more narrow my own blog gets:

Art, Salt Lake, Weirdness, Personalness, ideas, poems, Bikes, events


337 Project:
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it's one am:
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Dadarootnik-Saltcycle-its1am-337 Project=
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