Sunday, November 16, 2008

Step in the right direction...

This is way cool. President-Elect Obama released the first ever Presidential Youtube Address today, which is apparently going to be a weekly thing! Right on track...

The content's a little lacking, not much new but an argument to extend unemployment benefits beyond the first year, but having palatable communication with the country through youtube once a week will be a vast improvement and motivator to keep people involved.

I want to see these huge economic bail-outs cleverly distributed. So instead of handing a check to Ford, which is a terribly managed company completely lacking in foresight, I'd like the check to be mated with mandates that force the company to spend that money on alternative energy projects. Or at least, say, half of it. When a business model is disfunctional and selling crap gas-guzzlers that nobody wants, you don't patch it with cash. You throw out the business model and sell useful stuff.

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