Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Allow me, if you will....

A short Treatise on Privacy, Isolation, and Communication.

We hereby declare the use of sunglasses in non-utilitarian or non-ironic circumstances criminal. Sunglasses may be marginally soothing to your eyes whilst basking in the full heat of a july day, and perhaps once in a while whilst trekking across the snow-blinding arctic, BUT THEY'RE NOT NEARLY AS USEFUL AS THE AMOUNT OF SUNGLASS WEARING WOULD LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE. For me in fact, sunglasses are only useful for losing. Which isn't useful at all.

These sneaky little barriers, creations of the modern metropolis, serve only to alienate us and turn us into distrustful, shallow, and socoipathic creatures of fear.

Eyes are windows to the soul. You may not like the idea of strangers seeing your soul, but the majority of strangers aren't that strange.

Throw down your glasses!


Cars shall be driven with the windows down, except if:

  • It's really cold
  • You're on the freeway
  • The music's really good.


Esther said...

I'm slightly confused about the last part...people should roll up their windows if the music is good?

So I have a confession to make: I don't like guys who wear sunglasses. I know tons of people who wear them, including my dad, but for some reason, I tend to peg guys that wear sunglasses as either feminine or assholes (my dad wears clip ons so that's different). If I find out someone I'm dating wears sunglasses...Well, sometimes we have to ignore little things that annoy us about each other to get along, right?

I'm also incredibly vain and love my eyes (and have terrible night vision) so it's rare when I wear sunglasses...but I'll admit I have these cute little pink ones that got some use this summer.

I hope you start blogging more once you get all those papers done for school. I like reading your stuff :)

~kitticus~ said...

My eyes are like vampires....sun makes them melt. Maybe...nah. I can't think of any solutions besides dreaded sunglasses. I promise to drive with my windows down though! Oh wait....I drive a bike. Even better!!!

Oh, and I agree with Esther...post more!!!

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