Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Free at last... for now.

This situation is insane. The fellow here is my personal friend who would be better set as a lawyer or head of a successful creative firm than being constantly thrown in prison. He is just one example of many. Another great guy and great friend of mine is picked up before every scheduled demonstration and beaten, detained all day, so he cannot participate, even though he doesn't want to!

The internal Palestinian government is an unstable and draconian grudge machine that does nothing but push its people into apathy. The Israeli occupation would gladly label this kind, capable, bright, creative guy a terrorist, and they actively perpetuate the stupid internal politics through every means at their formidable disposal. Fight oppression everywhere, however you can.


Elaine said...

I am enjoying your thoughtful writing, so much.

In the flow of your posts I feel that push and pull between thoughtful, academic, active, incensed, insider, outsider, observer, participant, and all the other roles we take and processes we are a part of. It is so familiar to me, and it is a constant learning process that is both challenging to me and invigorating.

I hope you can find balance in it, or at least find beauty and creativity in the imbalance.

Davey D said...

Thanks Lainers. I hope to step it up soon, all this practice makes me hungry for a wider audience.

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