Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Announcing the Tale of Don Giovanni Premiere

It's time to screen this bad boy!
Anyone who's been following this blog knows how long this film has been in the making, it's incredible, really. So now, more or less, I'm done. More words after the jump, but first I'd rather let the work do the talking. I give you the Trailer! (full screen that sucker):

Vimeo not working? Here's a REALLY crappy youtube version.

So, quickly, to recap: The Tale of Don Giovanni: That Indomitable Hipster is my first narrative film and a romping bike adventure. It's around 24 minutes long and has more scenes than a drunken prom date.

It is the story of Don Giovanni as told in Mozart’s opera, adapted into a hyper-exaggerated bike hipster vs. anarcho-punk world on the streets of Salt Lake City with updated sexual politics. Wackiness ensues. There are fixie riders, mountain bikers, flashy hipsters, smelly punks, a transvestite or two, many instances of the word f**k, a sex scene, a rape scene, and lots and LOTS of bikes. There's a dumpsterdoven BMX called the monarch and a man getting hit by a bus. The soundtrack is completely local and completely inspired and I weep to think of what I would have done without talented friends.

It took a tremendous effort to make and the work of many, many people, all of whom deserve way more credit than I'm able to give them. This project rallied people from all aspects of my life, and I was horrified I'd let them down. I don't think I did. I hope you'll come ride in the alleycat (which won't be nearly as hard as the one we shot for the film) and attend the premiere with your fam and friends. Please distribute this flier far and wide, I want to fill the post and possibly overflow to do multiple screenings. This community rocks and I'm happy to be a part of it.

See you on the 24th.


Esther said...

Davey! Before you let the flier go out fix "Film" 'cause it's spelled wrong. Also, I can't wait to see this and ride in the alley cat!!!

Davey D said...

hah! oh man! thanks Esther... I'll be fixin' that... :)

Luke Williams said...

Ha, damn, I was really looking forward to that Flim Premiere.

Great trailer! Watching it makes me feel proud of what I could contribute, and completely blown away by what an elephantine undertaking you've managed to carry out.
That's some pretty wizard audio editing at the end there too, it sounds fantastic! a much cooler ending than I could have orchestrated myself :)

p.s. Simon and I will be riding in the alleycat as Team Teal, in case you were wondering. And we will finish last.

Esther said...

I don't think so Luke, I will be coming in last after I get a flat, it's tradition and you can't take that away from me.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget hearing about how racers ran across the freeway instead of doubling back to redwood road and taking the overpass.....Good times.

Congratulations on being finished with the film!


Zed said...


also, if you could post on saltcycle, that would get even more ppl out to the event. -Z

Davey D said...

fixed! def will post it on Saltcycle.
Esther, Luke, with any luck this'll be an EASY alleycat, and there'll be lots of contenders for DFL. Here's hopin!

Anonymous said...

Dima = DFL


Zed said...

DFL is easy to get.... its DFM that is the tough one - Dead Fucking Middle. -z

max5480 said...

sick dude!
this trailer is linked on prolly is not probably. i can't wait man, we should ride up emigration soon.

Anonymous said...

davey, i'm very excited for the film the trailer looks great!