Thursday, April 1, 2010

LA Marathon Crash Race

When Jessica and I were in LA last week we raced in the Wolfpack Hustle's Crash the LA Marathon Race. Several videos have been made of the event but this one's the best so far.

That first shot really shows the insanity that was 350-400 people racing in the middle of the night. You can spot us at 0:24, incidentally :)


Tom said...

jesus, I didn't know people in LA rode bikes.

Jessica said...

So fun. I wish I hadn't taken that left turn at the end. It makes me so sad. Someday we'll get... half that many people at an event and it will be great.

W.L. Emsworth said...
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W.L. Emsworth said...

I doubt there are even 400 cyclists in Salt Lake, yet Wolfpack can muscle together 400 for one event.