Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful Don Giovanni Film Poster

Back before we started shooting I commissioned Matt Delporto (one of the voices behind the Salt City Rag) to do an epic, hand-drawn movie poster for the film. Sketches, re-draws, character studies, plot reads, rejected ideas and many, many desk hours later we have the official Don Giovanni Movie Poster:

Full screen that sucker!

I love what he did with it. I'm charmed and pleased to have such a good record of the film. For our next ambitious art project we're trying to replicate/recreate the image in a high-quality multi-layer screenprint that will be available hopefully at the gallery roll and also to reward some of our cast and crew for their hard slave labor work. Be sure to come out to the alleycat, premiere, and general bike revelry on April the 24th.


Elaine said...

ooooooh, the poster is fantastic!

Kabob Cookbook said...

I enjoyed reading tthis