Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caravaggio, remembrances from 2006.

I was a better writer then.

Caravaggio's La Madonna dei Palafrenieri

"Three figures, light from the ambiguous front and an overhead window.
Mary is so attractive, so innocently evil, as she compels her
strangely halo-less son to crush the skull of a snake beneath his
feet. In the face of danger for the child, Mother insists, aids, yet
shields his body with her own foot. The snake's fragile, roping body
reflects the spin of the obscenely thin halos, its impotent
expiration a quiet indication of Christianity's tendency to dominate
and destroy nature. A momentous painting."


Luke Williams said...

So articulate! It's almost like you were an Art History major or something :)

What a strange painting! Great analysis.

p.s. What a premier! Maybe you're still a pretty good writer. Hell, you kept the attention (and emotion, laughter, interest) of 250 people for 25 minutes of narrative. that's ten people a minute! In conclusion, the Greatest Common Factor of your awesomeness and writing skill combined is 5. Also, I have a very indistinct notion of the way numbers work in real life.

Davey D said...

thanks luke! your grasp of numbers is perfect.