Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Evolving, Movin' right along.

Wow, so I've been busy.
Finished the Don Giovanni film, have submitted it to the Bicycle Film Festival, finger's crossed! In other news I've booked the Post theater for it in Salt Lake, April 24th, for an premiere local screening! Mark your calenders for a bike extravaganza, More to come there soon.

got a great new job teaching art from the unlikely platform of a 40 foot vegetable truck, rumbling up to all the schools in the valley and giving lessons on graffiti and impermanence to 5 through 50-year-olds. Yes, I'm the #1 driver/docent of the 337 Project's Art Truck!. More on that soon too, but needless to say it's been fulfilling and challenging and makes me feel more like an adult.

Spring is here and riding's been great. I've gone on some long fun ones recently, including an 80 mile day with Ryan and some other local bikers all around the valley then out to the great salt lake. Ryan and I got to swap philosophies while bombing down hills at 90th south, some serious Calvin and Hobbsian shit. I mean that in the out-of-control kid-in-wagon sense, not to reference the level of discourse. A ride's been meeting at noon at the gallivan on sundays, come out and go fast.

I've been volunteering at the Bike Collective again, which is fun, and reminds me why I like mechanics and teaching and logic problems rolled into one. A bike mural is in the works, too, which could be neat.

Speaking of murals, we had a painting night down at the Dada Factory, Luke, Al, and Jessica made some really cool stuff. My painting was atrocious, but I like it. Check al's out over on his blog!

But never let me fool you into thinking I don't have spare time. Really, I'm usually doing this:

Jessica and I have been planning on moving out of state for grad school next summer. To this end I've been working on all my bikes, trying to streamline them, and my material posessions in general, into just the essentials. It's been neat and challenging, getting rid of stuff and being efficient.

Life, man, it's alright. Now I just need to learn to eat better.


Anonymous said...

Where are you thinking about going to get your doctorate Davey?


Luke Williams said...

Atrocious? I think not. At the very least, your painting could possibly fit on a wall somewhere in your house. I got mine home, driving as though I were on a small child's tricycle, and realized there isn't a single wall space big enough in my apartment for Mr. T.S. and his wine glass.

(p.s. the nonsense word that blogger making me type for verification starts with SNES. A sign? It's possible. I suddenly have a hankerin' for some Mega Man 7.)

Davey D said...

Haha, yeah, that painting was huge! The trick is to give it to someone... then it's their problem :).

I LOVE those little scrambled words. They're always slightly morbid or suggestive for me, which is worrying for both the state of my mind and the state of the internet.

Dima, I'm still very vague on schools, but looking at Berkeley's Journalism Masters program and Tisch (NYU) School's Film stuff. I'm also considering Pratt's Art/Art History in Brooklyn and SAIC's New Mediums/Film/Art Program in Chicago.