Friday, April 3, 2009

Cein Watson

Cein Watson is a knockout of an artist. I first saw his stuff in Disorderly House last summer, back when they were doing a different installation piece each month rotating on Gallery Stroll. He had covered their entire back wall in Sharpie, making a giant tessellated structure that looked like a robot's nervous system.

He is a printmaker, painter, and illustrator based out of Salt Lake. Cein Watson moved here from the east coast, but his heady academic influences and complex pieces make his work difficult to palate in Salt Lake, he has trouble finding a market here even though his work is astonishing and immersed in theory. He expands upon the ease with which you can afford to pursue your passions in Salt Lake because the community is supportive and laid back, as well as how he wants to tell early 20th century scholar and critic Walter Benjamin to 'Go fuck himself.'

This interview is an excerpt of my senior thesis, Slingshot Out the Valley

Check out Cein's wonderfully unnavigable website and his studio's blog.

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