Sunday, April 5, 2009


After about a month of watching this video on Casey's Blog and having the song stuck in my head I decided to snag it. I love everything about this video, the french, the song.... I totally dig CocoRosie's live presentation here, the guy's endless beatboxing, the sister's outfits and how they match their singing style, so cool. CocoRosie's Wikipedia page is quite the read, by the by. They appear to be Ur-UR-UR-hipsters. I mean freakin' cream of the crop.

Incidentally, Casey is in Europe right now and refuses to send me stories about all the hot French girls he's hanging out with.

Even more incedentally, Jay's writing about werewolves in a screenplay for Al's screenwriting class, being taught at Nobrow every monday. Independent learning is the coolest.


quakers said...

umm..... cocorosie aren't hipsters.
theyve never been even remotely interested in being hip or fashionistas, despite their profound styles. they just do whatever the fuck they want, with no apologies, no remorse.
they're legit.

too legit to quit.

Davey D said...

From Wikipedia:
"She also collected a variety of tattoos, and was known to attend controversially "ironic," white-held "Kill Whitey" parties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn."

I rest my case.

quakers said...

scratch scratch scratch.....

hrmm... I'm not sure what your case was?

I was being funny...
bit o the old tongue in cheek.

but on the real side, if you likes the cocoRosie you shoulds check out some of their older videos there are some wicked ones on youtube where they're playing house parties, it's rad experimental noise stuff and theyre dressed up like salt and peppah. It's incredi-anachronistic but I'm confident that they were 100 % serious. they dont give a fuck. thats what makes them so real and so good. and I dig it, FULLY.

quakers said...

oh christ, i didnt fully read your post. UR-hipster, qu'est-ce que c'est que ca? the term is unfamiliar. as in rooted in irony? yes. agreed.
creme de la creme

Davey D said...

oh man! sounds great! I'll go find those videos.... nice to see you on here btw!

quakers said...

:) indeed. does this mean you remember me now?

Davey D said...

most definitely! you=very nice me=hella paranoid by the end of the night.:)

quakers said...

oh, well you must not have been too bad, I don't remember you freaking out or anything. I just thought you fell asleep or something. I don't really recall, we were all pretty out there. That party was crazy I remember people were still hanging out at like 5-6 am. Hahah. well sweet action figure, I'm stoked you remember. anyway off to bed with me. talk to you latas.

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