Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love of Bikes.

Saturday we raced through the rain in the Pastry Alleycat, hustling up the huge hills of Salt Lake gathering ingredients to chocolate chip cookies and taking shots along the way. The downhill was terrifying, sliding in front of busses with no intention to stop, finishing the race at Johnny's and puking in the gutter for all to see (what, that part was just me?! weird...)

Next day, to celebrate my thesis completion, Chris suggests we wake up at 7, drive to Moab, bike the 36 mile Porcupine Rim trail, and drive back home. I say OK. 15 miles of climbing on a singlespeed followed by some of the most intensely technical trails I've ever seen, bone-jarring downhills for adrenaline madness. I'm smiling the whole way, thinking of touring this summer, the day before, and what's to come. Loving the aches and the bruises and increasing skill and stamina. Slept soundly, settling like dust.

Monday is work, biking sandwich orders at double speed, saving late orders that the cars can't get to, not feeling tired after the weekend of intense riding, netting $96 dollars in tips.

I'll never stop.


Esther said...

Davey, you're so fucking awesome. I thought about you a lot today 'cause this character in a movie I watched completely reminded me of you, even in looks!

Davey D said...

hah, what movie? I hope it wasn't That one with Jude law and a bunch of other people who have terrible relationships, I don't wanna be like them :)

Esther said...

haha nope, it was Charlie Bartlett and you reminded me of Anton Yelchin and his character. He was super cool :)

Davey D said...

oh man you so watch cooler movies than me, let's have a movie night sometime!

Esther said...

Sounds good! I have netflix :)

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