Monday, February 4, 2008


(Thanks to >Trent Call< for the photo)

SF writer Snore came through slc recently, leaving a few throws and tags behind. I've excitedly (it's not often we get good bombing like this in salt lake) shown them to a few people, who always think they're crap...

I've yet to come up with an explanation of why its not. I usually end up with something like: "Well if you were a writer you'd understand", which sounds pretentious, and doesn't put to rest any of the viewers doubts as to the artistic or cultural merit of work like Snore's.

I suppose It's like that with any niche or subculture... if you don't live it, parts of it are hard to understand. But still, I want to find a way of summing up why things like this are good to those who don't necessarily have the background knowledge of a writer. I'll let you know how that goes. If you have thoughts as to how one might achieve this, please post a comment.

good selection of snores stuff >here< from outlaworld


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Davey D said...

Yeah, that whole disconnect of 'well it's good if you're in the know' is a tough one, I can relate from Art History snobbery but from a more mapped extent. What I mean is; You have to realize that there were a series of learning experiences that got you to where you are. You had to cultivate that respect somewhere, I try to pinpoint it. Some stuff is ogled over because it's particularly important historically, or because it was a clever response to somebody's work, or whatever.

Because honestly, as an outsider to graff, I can't see it in this piece. It just looks like daggy unfilled black on white. And I dunno, that 'R' seems pretty thoughtless :).

It does seem fluid, like every line could have been whipped out really quickly. Somehow I see it as more interesting in motion than the final product.

Heh. try to explain it to me?

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