Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More amazing political commentary... truly worth your time and inspiring.

***warning: Pro-Obama slant***
Yet another hero has arisen from the Youtube generation. We've gotten past the cat videos, past the Flash-pan flame of Australian Partiers, and moved onto the real stuff. This guy, Derek Ashong, is the 21st century american dream, and I will strive to be like him. To summarize: A typical college student's standing outside a convention being activisty, and someone comes up and starts heckling him with penetrating rude-journalistic questions. His response is incredible:

But even better, Derek later has his say on Youtube, bringing a whole new sublime level to the conversation.

Wow. Things are definitely happening. A sense of hope; non-partisan hope, genuine hope, intellectual hope, for the first time in this bittersweet american tango.

long live the internet generation.


psychenaut said...

Thanks for posting this. Very inspiring.

Critical Mass tomorrow?

Davey D said...

yeah! see you there!

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