Friday, February 8, 2008

Gutz and Biroe Live on!

Happy Dooryway
Originally uploaded by inneri
Beautiful shot by a great photographer, taken just recently. 337 will live until we kill it! Hooray for Gutz, 'e keeps painting it!

Check out more of inneri's photos Here. I chose her Refugee photos because they're pretty powerful, but all of her stuff makes me feel really good about SLC and Utah. Thanks Inneri!


CLB said...

yeah I found her photos a while ago... very cool stuff.

Hannah Galli said...

Hey wow, thanks guys you rock. It totally made my day when I found this site. Salt lake is incredibly full of places to shoot. I hoped that the photos would be a tribute to the artists who worked on 337.

drop me a line anytime.

-Hannah aka inner i

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