Friday, November 30, 2012

A short clear video explaining the Israel-Palestine Struggle

Palestine has just received an upgrade in its international status at the UN, which could allow the disenfranchised state to bring legal grievances against Israel in an unprecedented way.

Like the majority of people, you probably have a hard time getting your head around the ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine. I've spent 7 months there, have studied mid-east politics, and dialog with Palestinians, Israelis, Muslims, Jews, and internationals about it often, and I still find it very unclear at times. I find this video both instructive and clear-minded. It is fair, without compromising any core truths by equating the two peoples' situations. I'd suggest it to anyone interested in a clearer understanding of the struggle.

I should say, as well, that I appreciate any feedback on this perspective, including disagreements, especially feedback that isn't inflammatory, dogmatic, intentionally misleading, or reductive.


cle2n said...

Thanks for posting this Davey! It really helped me feel like I could at least somewhat competently discuss the issue... whereas before I was mostly just aware that there was some sort of conflict.

Davey D said...

hey clay,
glad you looked into it! it's a conundrum, for sure, but I came out of my time there feeling like there are plenty of parallels to other power struggles that are sadly all too common.