Saturday, April 2, 2011

Asra Karim- Teaching in Nablus

Finished my second little film featuring the people and places in Nablus. This exceptional woman is the most on-it and together volunteer teacher I've had the pleasure to meet. While the rest of us shuffle and fib our way through English lessons Asra breezed through like a pro, preparing interactive, educational material for her classes, primary through adult. Asra spent a lot of her time teaching teachers, I personally think she should be a parliamentary member or something. She's a kind, patient, beautiful Muslim lady who speaks 4-5 languages and is at home here or in the west... I kinda hope she's running the world soon.

After her interview I shadowed Asra to her class in the village of El Jneed. The kids were adorable and the location pretty cool, the village is up on top of an incredibly steep hill overlooking Nablus valley. The classes are taught in an old mosque, which was turned into a library when a newer one was built nearby.

My time here in Nablus is drawing to a close, and unfortunately I only have time for one or two more film updates. I think next time I volunteer I want to make these my full-time occupation, they're fun to do and give you a smattering of exposures about how the organization works.


illusions to memories said...

beautiful! so so beautiful! mashaAllah!

Elaine said...

Ah! This is sad and beautiful and exciting all at once. I wish I could meet everyone in your films.

Ben SL said...

Thanks for making a sharing this video. I actually saw it a few years ago and have re-watched it several times. Very nicely made and shares a powerful story. She is a very inspiring person.

I myself have been involved in teaching at-risk youth around the world (both job and volunteer projects). I have seen so many other volunteers involved who were not very competent or were having serious culture shock. So it is great to see someone like Asra who can be so calm and patient while pursuing something she is passionate about.
She is the type of person would love to see impact has on world over long period.
Thanks again for sharing