Monday, April 11, 2011

Web revolutionaries

The world's all wrapped up in deathbed cloth, cancerous bumps of misconceptions about issues bigger than us, hating and hunting viciously people we can't see but know are wrong, know their rights as humans are somehow flawed or illegitimate, more venom then necessary, as if the problems of the world came spouting from these far-away faces we don't understand and if we crush them everything'll be ok. But it won't be ok. We won't solve hate with hate, we won't solve sadness with sadness. And largely, mostly, we'll never be so right as to be righteous. Zealotry is a luxury we cannot afford.

The best we can hope for is to cultivate love. Love for strangers, love for our closest family, love for the oddities we see on the street, love for the things we taste and build and find in the trash. Love of routine, and love of the unknown. Cultivate creativity. The dignity to find value in small things, in subtle things, and cast around you for sources of inspiration. What can I make today that solves a problem? What can I do today that strengthens my life without costing another?

My role as a human is to live creatively, efficiently, as brightly and constructively as possible.

After spending the afternoon reading this, and this , unfortunately deviating towards the comments section too often on various Youtube videos.

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Vincenzo Luigi said...

Great ppost thank you