Monday, November 30, 2009

Women's SS cyclocross, I love you.

Apparently all the women in the Singlespeed category in the Des Moines Jinglecross race this weekend decided to be the greatest people on the planet. And race in bikinis.

photo off of courtney hilton and taylor webb's facebook.

photo credit to dvdlee.

photo off of courtney hilton and taylor webb's facebook.

photo credit to dvdlee.

photo credit to dvdlee.

I'm so happy right now. Apparently it was about 40 degrees.

These ladies are hardcore, too:

photo credit to velogrrl.

Thanks to TJ over at Muddy Brown Masi for the tip-off.

To further this post for a moment, I had some interesting conversations with my mom and Jessica about girls in bikinis covered in mud riding bikes. I mentioned those words and they both shuddered, immediately jumping to a set of images in their mind where women are demeaned by their depiction. Porn, superficial entertainment, and other spectacles. I look at the women in these pictures and see precisely the opposite. I see people empowered by their strength who are exhibiting their bodies and kicking ass at the same time. I am impressed more than indulged. The first woman's poise blows me away. She's VICTORY, and dirty, tired, tense. She's earned that nakedness, as far as I'm concerned, and owns it. The fact that she's freakin' hot doesn't diminish her in my opinion either. I'm proud of her, jealous of her, want to know her story. In short she's more real, in a way, than all the other pointless, superficial lumps of flesh the internet contains.


Elaine said...

i was already excited about your cyclocross adventures.

these are awesome. i want to be that hard core someday.

Nico said...
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Greg said...


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