Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heart of Darkness 2!

Today was so cool. Yesterday it snowed, and the temp dropped about 20 degrees. We thought for sure nobody would show up for the alleycat. I was optimistic, thinking about 25 people, Chris thought about 7. So imagine our surprise when there're 40 racers, huddled in the alley, patiently waiting for our filming shenanigans to end so they can tear it up.

A biker by the name of Alex Kim showed up at random and took some epic photos of the start, including the one above.

Al nailing the shot.

Chris making sure the character is real.

David Rice doing what he does.

The race went really well by all accounts, the filming as well. Really hectic, all over town, but I had a great time. Thanks again everyone for giving me all your time and energy to pull this project off.

Screenshots from the shoot:

Alyeska Triumphs!

The real racers cheer.

Entering the Alley.

Some quick stats:
Gary took the fastest time overall, finishing around 3:40 pm. The race probably started around 2, so that's pretty damn good. Patrick Beecroft was 1st fixed gear and 2nd overall. Lindsey Howard took 1st for the girls, and was the only woman to complete the race out of 3 or 4 who entered. John Moreton took 3rd. I think Steve Wassmund did pretty well, like 5th or so, on an Xtracycle. Well done.

The race took people out to 8th south and back for a false start, then started in ernest with a climb straight up capitol hill. Riders then had to hit up a series of downtown stops, go way out west to the airport gates and down south, circumnavigating the freeway (or riding on it, as the case may be), and tag liberty heights fresh before heading up to 11th ave and B street. It was pretty brutal.

Velo City Bags threw in a great top prize, their first extra-large messenger, complete with compression straps and a cross-shoulder support. Looks hella useful. The PAC Designs bag went to top woman. Clever 2nd and 3rd place winners snagged Cane Creek 110 headsets. A poor fellow named Markus Boyer got best crash, and with it a bag from MER. Thanks as well to FRESH Modern Apparel and Chrome Messenger Bags for their representation!

And for DFL? A brand fresh loaf of artisan bread, from Liberty Heights Fresh!

Thanks everyone! And come by the Dada Factory for our final shoot next weekend, saturday, the 21st, for the Boing House Cafe and music. Kicking off at 9 PM, be on time plz. Dress crustily, or like a burner.

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