Tuesday, December 1, 2009


HAHA! So it's official. And I'm finally partially recovered enough to come out and say it. Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen, with much, much help, love, and support I just finished shooting my first narrative film project. Ah-yes. 1 month, 3 parties, multiple stunts, 100s of favors pulled and man-hours coerced. All that remains now is the editing. And the music. And whatever. but regardless, I'm so happy and proud and ready to rip into this thing!

But first, here're a couple neat things, mostly courtesy of Greg:

Chris practicing his death in full moto gear.

The fabulous Elvira

And finally, the first of several wicked drawings done for the movie by Matt Delporto:

The Devil Don Giovanni by Matt Delporto

Moving into the post-production phase, there's still tons to be done, but it's all exciting stuff. Thanks so much for everything so far, if you're interested in helping me screen it anywhere in the world (venues, collectives, parks, your basement) let me know! Think alleycats and sprints and spin-the-bottle parties and dumpsterdiving expeditions and whatever else needs to be involved. Ye-ah.

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Elaine said...

EEEEEEEE congratulations! So rad. I want to see it ASAP.

love love love,
the sister