Thursday, September 3, 2009

Contact! Contact!

Back again, and more or less grounded in the real world. The Dada Factory has a crazy office space downtown right now and my computer lives there, it's going to be great. As an unfortunate side effect I have had no access to the internet, as we haven't hooked it up yet. But luckily, I got one of these!:

The computer, not an awkwardly grinning guy in a spandex suit with bum skills. It's great! Life has been urbane and relaxed, running errands, mountain biking, and helping Jessica with her first year of architecture school, which is way more fun than Art History. Her first assignment, for example, was to go out and take 20 HDR photographs of an under-recognised site in the city, and concieve of new uses for it. Her second assignment was to do a scavenger hunt around the city to get to know it. So cool.

I've been scheming about my most current film project, a bike film adapted from the opera Don Giovanni. It will be produced in a kind of filmmaking 2.0 schema, where hopefully different (bored) creative people in the community will bring their skills to it and make shooting it into a hyper-productive 2-week party. I came away from the 48hour film festival with the notion that everyone here has a ton to bring to projects like this, it's just a question of finding how your skills or interests fit. Let me know what you wish to bring to the table and we'll make it work. It's a bicycle opera without singing, for crying out loud, there's something there for everyone, right?

I'll soon have tid-bits up here to reveal the feel and shape of the film, and keep an eye out for the pre-party where we'll read from the script, show off the character portraits and storyboards, and hopefully have a tricked out bike or two on display. That's when we'll get together to see what kinds of skills we have collectively and how to best organize roles so that everyone gets to express their art. I'm excited.

Right now I'm looking for an anarchist-punk who can ride a brakeless fixed-gear and be the comic relief of the show, any takers? I'm thinking Dallin, Skyler, and Benji combined...

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Chris said...

i could have gone my entire life without seeing that video.

welcome back mr david

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