Saturday, August 22, 2009

I made it home!

The show's over! Now maybe I'll return to regular posts. I'm going to to do tons of retrospects on the trip as I upload photos, to make up for how remiss I was during it. First off, some quick statistics:

We were gone 61 days.
We biked 14 days together and I biked 16 total. We were always on our bikes, but actually going from place to place only 2 weeks or so!

Furthermore, even though it seemed like we were biking a ton, we only covered 1432km together, or 889 miles. I went a little farther, 1086 miles, because I rode from Berlin to Hamburg while David was in Poland.

It was amazing how much having loaded bikes slowed us down. For example, when we biked from amsterdam to outside paris I was totally beat, but we covered around 440 km in 30 hours. Later by myself I biked from Berlin to Hamburg in the same time, but with gear, and was equally tired though it was 287 km (150 miles).

I spent 1500 Euroes during the trip ($2130), or 24.50 a day. That's way more than I aimed to spend, even though we didn't pay for accommadation hardly ever. Mostly we ate really well and never skipped things we wanted to do, whether they were museums or bars or concerts. I feel really good about it in retrospect because the trip was packed.

We stayed with 12 people, in 3 hostels, and one Chateau along the way, camping out 5 nights without sleeping bags and 3 nights (for me) without a tent. We bought approximately 3 billion donör kebaps. We spent time in at least 17 cities along with countless other lunch spots and day trips along the way.

It's been a good two months, and it's good to be back. See you around!

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