Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Poshuman Dada Guide pt. 1

"If you have any doubt as to whether you are posthuman or merely human, take a look at the following parts of your body: the city, the house, the car, the iPhone, the laptop, the iPod, the pillbox, the nonflesh surround. If sixty percent of your body is electronic or bioelectronic, living in space designed for effeciency, you will need Dada as a corrective to what will certainly be the loss of the modicum of liberty you still possess."

-Andrei Codrescu

I've just started reading Codrescu's book and I think I'll like it very much. Not only does it contain praise from such ghostly fin de siecle luminaries as Luther Burbank (inventor of the spineless cactus), Josephine Baker, and James Clerk Maxwell (father of electromagnetism), but right off the bat it gives a great concise definition to dada:

"Amusement (of oneself and others) and the making of art communities are the goals of dada."

That seems worth founding a company around, don't you think?

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