Monday, December 1, 2008

Senior Seminar Paper

Unlike everyone else talking in the library right now, I actually enjoy writing papers. They're usually not as good as I want them to be, and this one's no exception, but I wanted to throw it online 2 weeks before it's due and see if anyone had any feedback. You can be honest, and tell me if specific paragraphs are stupid and convoluted, I just have no distance from it anymore and would appreciate a fresh eye. It's all about this image:

Consemüller woman with Schlemm mask Breuer chai

Read the essay here.

*edit* Lindsay edited a ton of the worst dorky sentences and commas out, so now the second draft's up. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'm way too brain-fried to read it right now, but I like that kind of thing (not as educated in it as you, though) so I'll try to read it later :)

Manda said...

Hi Davey! It's Amanda from your this class. Glad to have found your blog again :) I read over your paper and found it interesting. Maybe we could have a conversation about it and I could offer my thoughts...

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