Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lindsey showed me Kaiser's Orchestra a while ago, pretty cool stuff!

They're from Norway. No idea what dude's saying, but it's a swell gypsy tune. Lindsey uploaded the lyrics into the comments section, it's actually a swell pirate tune!


Anonymous said...

Deck Bord
Set the Table

It was a long winter but in the end spring came
And all the men on the ship had a party
It was hard rowed nights and lots of blood and sweat
The mate worked as a horse
he was a funny little chap who was hungry for experience
But the rations were just water and wheat
he stood by the rudder all day
Made a bet with Skagerak
Of the shortest route to Cape horn
Set the table

When the ocean was still,we were free from the struggle
Everybody sat down and played cards
The mate dealt, the rest of us played
And the money changed hands pretty quick
Carlos despaired while many of us smiled
They said; let's take all Carlos has got
And later when judgement fell, Carlos had lost it all
That's because he only collected spades
Row row home to Transylvania
Forget the personalia and other trivialities
Set the table, send a telegram to Victoria
Cos soon will we be home

A couple of guys had been lost. Carlos was the last one
It happened while we were at port in Marseilles
he lost a drinking competition to The Belgian Chimpanzee
And now he sails no more
In hong Kong there was chaos,we stranded outside Laos
We never thought we'd get away alive
Out came a native tribe, thought our ship was God
And dragged us into open sea
Row row..

Davey D said...

hehe. Thanks!

"he lost a drinking competition to The Belgian Chimpanzee and now he sails no more"


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