Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obama Killin' it again

Obama's press release this week is pretty damn cool. He starts with the regular doom and gloom economy stuff, but once you get through that it's all specific improvements he's planning that will make things more efficient and advanced and create jobs. It's like a techno-modern New Deal, revamping all the crumbling stuff and bolstering the economy in the process.

This is a much better tactic than just bolstering the 'free market,' where money is spent and made but only in the perpetuation of the existing problematic systems. Obama's plan spends money but with long term foresight and sound improvements in schools, government buildings, and hospitals.

The only part I'm not sure about is the "use it or lose it" part of allocating money to state budgets. I can see Utah quickly squandering this money on UDOT bullshit to hold up another crumbling mountain they swiped away to squeeze in a 6-lane highway. We need ideas along with dollars.

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