Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Flight Bike Shop is a secret shrine to 80's Moutainbikes!

What was supposed to be a browse-and-bounce head pop-in to a small town bike shop turned into a 2 hour wander through the history of the bicycle, with a happy emphasis on the greatest hits of the utilitarian, innovative, wacky, and pretty advancements in Mountain bikes through the late 70's to early 90's.

This fully functional shop has a hanging museum above the sales floor, a cabinet of curiosities in the repair area, and an upstairs vault of treasures. The best thing about the collection is the invisible transition between what's for sale and what's a priceless mainstay of the collection. You get the feeling that you could buy an early Ibis or Breezer if you were persuasive enough and had deep pockets, or even walk away with a bright pink lugged Stumpjumper if the collection was a little overweight. Quite the gem in the middle of nowhere, North Carolina.

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Jessica said...

I wish my name was J.P. Wiggle.

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