Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegas, no place for two wheels...

Spent a few days in the weird world of Las Vegas, riding my bike and trying to get in as much trouble as possible, documenting it for Urban Velo. Enjoy! Again, click on the images to get the next page of the magazine.

Urban Velo decided not to use my photos, which I obviously think are quite good. They used some rather excellent ones by Allaudin Hightower, like the perfect shot of all the alleycatters lunging for their shoes. No matter, because here on Dadarobotnik we can enjoy a behind-the-scenes peek at the cutting room floor:


Elaine said...

I just read this, finally. Love it love it. It almost makes me want to go back to Vegas (my other experiences there have been, erm, less than positive), but I need to earn some biking stripes first and go as an interbike observer or something... one of my slow-and-steady goals over the next few years is to incorporate biking into my daily life. You are my (slightly overwhelming) example, but I'm going for like 5% of Davey-status and I'll be fine. :)

Davey D said...

Hah! You def don't need to go to Vegas, but getting more into biking in the beautiful Bay is such a supportable idea. I hope you do and am happy to offer any and all bike nerdy advice.