Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Lost Fair Mariner

I've Moved! To celebrate, I'll post a video from the community I left! Just to fill myself with nostalgia and doubt!

Here's an excellent new track from Luke Williams, a biographical seafairing ballad. Luke and I were talking about Captain Thomas James, the dandy poetic wayfairer who inspired this little track, and the notion of mutiny when your life's at stake. When we're in a subordinate position and have to make a call to rebel, as the stakes are too high to stay silent. Echoes of other things.

Luke, never content to take the easy way out, not only played every instrument on this track, but also filmed himself playing every instrument on this track, I assume setting up the lights, camera, and pushing record himself before going and busting out the recording. Forget one man bands, he's a one man army!


Luke Williams said...

Thanks, Davey! If only there was as much funding for one-man armies as there is for the U.S. military :)

I hadn't thought of the Thomas James<--->Occupy Everywhere slippage before, but it's really cool, because it works on at least two levels: 1. Thomas realizing he has to give up on finding the Northwest Passage, and 2. His crew realizing they've put their faith in a guy (entity) that at best bit off way more than he (it) could chew, and realistically manipulated them all.

It's not just about the mutiny; it's about leaders who are humble enough to turn around, and a dialogue open enough to allow both.

p.s. I have gained infinite respect for you, and filmmakers generally. I tragically underestimated how stupid-hard editing this video would be.

Davey D said...

We the people of this internet conversation call upon the rulers of the world to rule without ego! Thanks fer your consideration, rulers.

Hey, it may have been hard work, but you did a damn good job. Borrowed Simon's D90?

Luke Williams said...

Gee, thanks! There are some frustratingly uneven black bars (and lack thereof), but I'm happy with it overall.

Yeah, I should really add a disclaimer that says, "This song and video are made entirely possible by my awesome big brother, and the infinite generosity with which he constantly lends me all his gear."